France S.E.M.T Pielstick Diesel Engine

S.E.M.T Pielstick PA6 B STC
Model Power(kw) Speed(r/min) MEP(bar)
S.E.M.T Pielstick 12PA6 B STC Power 4860 kw Speed 1050 r/min MEP 22.8 bar
S.E.M.T Pielstick 16PA6 B STC Power 6480 kw Speed 1050 r/min MEP 22.8 bar
S.E.M.T Pielstick 20PA6 B STC Power 8100 kw Speed 1050 r/min MEP 22.8 bar
S.E.M.T Pielstick PC2.6 B
S.E.M.T Pielstick 12PC2.6 B Power 9000 kw Speed 600 r/min MEP 23.9 bar
S.E.M.T Pielstick 14PC2.6 B Power 10500 kw Speed 600 r/min MEP 23.9 bar
S.E.M.T Pielstick 16PC2.6 B Power 12000 kw Speed 600 r/min MEP 23.9 bar


S.E.M.T Pielstick PA6 B
Model Eng.(kw) Gen.(kw) Frequency(hz) Speed
S.E.M.T Pielstick 12PA6 B Eng.4440 kw Gen.4307 kw Frequency 50 hz Speed 1000 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 16PA6 B Eng.5920 kw Gen.5742 kw Frequency 50 hz Speed 1000 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 18PA6 B Eng.6660 kw Gen.6460 kw Frequency 50 hz Speed 1000 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 20PA6 B Eng.7400 kw Gen.7178 kw Frequency 50 hz Speed 1000 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 12PA6 B Eng.4200 kw Gen.4074 kw Frequency 60 hz Speed 900 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 16PA6 B Eng.5600 kw Gen.5432 kw Frequency 60 hz Speed 900 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 18PA6 B Eng.6300 kw Gen.6111 kw Frequency 60 hz Speed 900 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 20PA6 B Eng.7000 kw Gen.6790 kw Frequency 60 hz Speed 900 r/min


S.E.M.T Pielstick PC2-5 PC2-6 land generating set main data
S.E.M.T Pielstick 6PC2-5L Power 2500 kw Speed 500 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 8PC2-5L Power 3500 kw Speed 500 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 12PC2-5V Power 5000 kw Speed 500 r/min
S.E.M.T Pielstick 16PC2-6V Power 5500 kw Speed 500 r/min

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