MAN Spare Parts Supplying

MAN B&W 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Spare Parts
16/24 L16/24 21/31 L21/31
23/30 L23/30 20/27 L20/27
V20/27 27/38 L27/38 V27/38
28/32 L28/32 V28/32 S28/32
32/40 L32/40 V32/40 5L16/24
6L16/24 7L16/24 8L16/24 9L16/24
5L21/31 6L21/31 7L21/31 8L21/31
9L21/31 5L23/30 6L23/30 7L23/30
8L23/30 9L23/30 5L20/27 6L20/27
9L20/27 12V20/27 16V20/27 5L28/32
6L28/32 7L28/32 8L28/32 9L28/32
12V28/32 14V28/32 16V28/32 5L27/38
6L27/38 7L27/38 8L27/38 9L27/38
12V27/38 16V27/38 18V27/38 6L32/40
7L32/40 8L32/40 9L32/40 12V32/40
14V32/40 16V32/40 18V32/40
MAN B&W 2-Stroke Diesel Engine Spare Parts
S26 S30 L35 S35
S26 MC S30 ME L35 MC S35 MC
S26 MC S30 ME L35 MC S35 MC
5S26MC 5S30ME 5L35MC 5S35MC
6S26MC 6S30ME 6L35MC 6S35MC
7S26MC 7S30ME 7L35MC 7S35MC
8S26MC 8S30ME 8L35MC 8S35MC
9S26MC 9S30ME 9L35MC 9S35MC
S40 S42 G45 S46
S35 ME S40 ME S42 MC G45 ME
S35 ME S40 ME S42 MC G45 ME
5S35ME 5S40ME 5S42MC 5G45ME
6S35ME 6S40ME 6S42MC 6G45ME
7S35ME 7S40ME 7S42MC 7G45ME
8S35ME 8S40ME 8S42MC 8G45ME
9S35ME 9S40ME 9S42MC 9G45ME
L50 S50 G50 L60
S46 MC S46 ME L50 MC S50 MC
S46 MC S46 ME L50 MC S50 MC
5S46MC 5S46ME 5L50MC 5S50MC
6S46MC 6S46ME 6L50MC 6S50MC
7S46MC 7S46ME 7L50MC 7S50MC
8S46MC 8S46ME 8L50MC 8S50MC
9S46MC 9S46ME 9L50MC 9S50MC
S60 G60 S65 L70
S50 ME G50 ME L60 MC S60 MC
S50 ME G50 ME L60 MC S60 MC
5S50ME 5G50ME 5L60MC 5S60MC
6S50ME 6G50ME 6L60MC 6S60MC
7S50ME 7G50ME 7L60MC 7S60MC
8S50ME 8G50ME 8L60MC 8S60MC
9S50ME 9G50ME 9L60MC 9S60MC
S70 G70 L80 S80
S60 ME G60 ME S65 ME L70 MC
S60 ME G60 ME S65 ME L70 MC
5S60ME 5G60ME 5S65ME 5L70MC
6S60ME 6G60ME 6S65ME 6L70MC
7S60ME 7G60ME 7S65ME 7L70MC
8S60ME 8G60ME 8S65ME 8L70MC
9S60ME 9G60ME 9S65ME 9L70MC
K80 G80 S90 G90
L70 ME S70 MC S70 ME G70 ME
L70 ME S70 MC S70 ME G70 ME
5L70ME 5S70MC 5S70ME 5G70ME
6L70ME 6S70MC 6S70ME 6G70ME
7L70ME 7S70MC 7S70ME 7G70ME
8L70ME 8S70MC 8S70ME 8G70ME
9L70ME 9S70MC 9S70ME 9G70ME
L80 MC S80 MC S80 ME K80 MC
L80 MC S80 MC S80 ME K80 MC
5L80MC 5S80MC 5S80ME 5K80MC
6L80MC 6S80MC 6S80ME 6K80MC
7L80MC 7S80MC 7S80ME 7K80MC
8L80MC 8S80MC 8S80ME 8K80MC
9L80MC 9S80MC 9S80ME 9K80MC
K80 ME G80 ME S90 MC G90 ME
K80 ME G80 ME S90 MC G90 ME
5K80ME 5G80ME 5S90MC 5G90ME
6K80ME 6G80ME 6S90MC 6G90ME
7K80ME 7G80ME 7S90MC 7G90ME
8K80ME 8G80ME 8S90MC 8G90ME
9K80ME 9G80ME 9S90MC 9G90ME
K90 MC K90 ME G95 ME K98 MC
K90 MC K90 ME G95 ME K98 MC
5K90MC 5K90ME 5G95ME 5K98MC
6K90MC 6K90ME 6G95ME 6K98MC
7K90MC 7K90ME 7G95ME 7K98MC
8K90MC 8K90ME 8G95ME 8K98MC
9K90MC 9K90ME 9G95ME 9K98MC
K98 ME K90 G95 K98
K98 ME 6K98ME 8K98ME 9K98ME
5K98ME 7K98ME

n (ACLU) on Tuesday slammed the Supreme Court ruling, saying that history will judge the decision harshly. This is not the first time the Court has been wrong, or has allowed official racism and xenophobia to continue rather than standing up to it. H
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China is going to cut the guaranteed subsidised prices paid for electricity supplied by newly built large-scale power plants and onshore wind turbines.
ction, announced on state television Friday night he has decided not to accept the results.Jammeh, who has been the Gambian president for 22 years, insisted that there were discrepancies in the vote count, in which opposition coalition candidate Adam
nge competition. The audience could not only look around there, but also take part in the simulation flight, which appearanced in the expo for the first time.Europe is still divided over how to deal with its ongoing refugee and migrant CRIsis. Later
he DPRK has repeatedly cited continued US military aggression to justify its nuclear program.The DPRK nuclear issue is after all a US-DPRK issue. There is no need for Defense Secretary Ash Carter to blame others. China will not accept this blame, sai
ad’s cancer. I felt like it all came so suddenly, said Liu Qing.The father Liu worries about expensive medical costs, piling up from a year spent in hospital. His daughter has come back from college to discuss a plan for follow-up treatment. She says
of small- and medium-sized enterprises, which would provide necessary support for cooperations between the two countries’ major enterprises while stimulating the market vitality, Li said.China would also work with Russia to advance people-to-people
n the Academic Ranking of World Universities, and as this season opener in Shanghai would reaffirm, their hoops teams can certainly contribute additional points of pride, to the rolls of honor at these two educational powerhouses.Stanford defeats Har
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oted that despite the economic mess he inherited, he is optimistic that change is possible. I will build on and consolidate the gains made over the years to transform the country through my New Direction policy, he said. He cited discipline as the un
angxi Zhuang autonomous region, receive gifts given by Xinhuanet and Wahaha Group.[Photo: XinhuaZhou Liao] .emStudents in Hechi, Southwest China’s G
Delivery is for free.
ow interest rates of the US Fed, and low risk premium. But the election of Donald Trump has changed the expectations of a rate hike. If this curve leaning towards the Fed’s standard, it means a huge re-balance of risk premiums and reallocation of glo
nvironment inside the module for living and working. In order to make astronauts’ lives comfortable there, we carefully designed the lighting system and decorations in the module to make them feel less anxious. We also installed equipment to make lif
come this. Ehye is hoping Qiongkushitai will open, much more.I have seen more and more young people become busy doing farm house tourism. I don’t want to just stay at home. I want to earn some money, and to lower my living costs and pay tuition
med groups in the area southwest of the city.The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighting was continuing in the area. Russia declared the three-day humanitarian pause starting from Thursday, but it was rejected by rebels and did not
eement is going to answer all of the unresolved questions around climate finance, around capacity building and around technology transfer in order to create the conditions for the implementation of the Paris agreement, because if you do not have the
ted almost one million jobs at home while the rapid increase in Chinese investments in the United States helped create an extra nearly 10,000 jobs, Wang said, believing that a pattern featuring economic interdependence for China-U.S. economic and tra
app developers in the Chinese mainland could take a leaf out of their Hong Kong counterparts experience.Many Hong Kong home medical treatment companies have gone public.strongRegulation needed strong.
started when the U.S. withdrew from the nuclear deal. But this means that the area is open to several eventualities, as we have mentioned before that any Israeli attacks will no longer pass unnoticed, he noted. endNum eA english target
.text-: center;.NMediaFile531FOREIGN21853115436786864772 width: 1px; height: 666px; .Wu has his own playing after years of practice, and many people enjoy seeing him perform.A music professor
Also by 2020, intercity railway networks will be completed in several urban regions including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta areas.
a asks the US to fulfill Article 15 of the WTO and keep bilateral relations developing smoothly, said Shen Danyang, China Ministry of Commerce.Italy’s Five Star Movement, or M-5-S, is a populist, anti-establishment party, which has developed quickly
exploration target – the planet Mars.A man has been confirmed as the first person with the Zika virus in central China’s Henan province on Monday.After flying from South Korea to Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan province, the 28-year-old man was susp
ether, four major forces of the Army covered over 30,000 kilometers from the south of China to the north and west. The route took the Red Army through remote regions and extreme conditions.Ahead of the anniversary, China’s national museum has launche
rike.The U.S.-led coalition says it has carried out more air strikes on ISIL positions over the past week than it has at any point during the fight against Islamic State militants.The military offensive is having an effect on civilians in the region.
then to appropriate some of that money for her personal use.Park gave a rare televised apology on Tuesday, acknowledging consulting Choi on some speech drafts early in her term. Experts in Seoul say the public has lost all faith in the current admin
of Japan’s missile defense system, said Kim Jong-dae, member of South Korean National Assembly.This is so ridiculous. How can they sign such a deal with Japan. Those who saCRIficed themselves for our country’s independence are crying in their graves
expected to produce a record 8.2 million graduates this year.w8 wb_11 clear.wb_2 wb_2b wb_2c w
day. Abe told a press briefing that the government will make its utmost efforts to deal with the effects of the powerful earthquake. He told reporters that government officials are operating under the instructions that saving and safeguarding peoples
al credit system.A unified social credit code has been introduced nationwide.A total of 33.million credit codes have been issued to newly registered businesses.And 71 central government departments an
It transforms dirty coal into clean ammonia gas that can be used to power factories and light up homes.
s to stocks listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Vice versa, the mainland stocks will also be accessible to Hong Kong stock traders or even global investors at large. So this will make Hong Kong into a super-connector for capital free-flows betwee
the remarks at the ASEAN Plus 1 Summit in Vientiane. She said South Korea looks forward to enhance cooperation in trade and investment with ASEAN.Leaders of the bloc have also held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who pledged cooperatio
anders were among those killed in the cave strike.Meanwhile, the report said the Syrian army continued to advance on Tuesday against rebel-held areas in the eastern side of Aleppo city, capturing the Jandoul Roundabout, which overlooks several rebel-
Kashmir dispute. India accused the Pakistani diplomat of running a spy ring that collected security information along the border. Pakistan denied the allegation and declared an Indian diplomat persona non grata, giving him 48 hours to leave the coun
for brick-and-mortar stores. In Shanghai, traditional shopping malls, many for the first time, started their own double eleven sales. Citizens are lining up at entrances and cashiers.On October 28, we launched a membership customer sales event. It th
s are reigning world champions,meaning DPRK future Lionel Messi may be more likely to be a woman.With the 2016 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week underway in Lima, Edgar Vasquez, Peru Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, told CCTVNEWS that in additio
over the sand while men use shovels to dig holes into the ground and fill them with straw.Each straw pile stands 1 centimeters below ground and 3 centimeters aboveground.5-year-old Zheng Zihua and hi
d counselling they need. The second goal, Abbott said, is to take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again in the history of state of Texas. Santa Fe student Logan Roberds told Xinhua that he was at the back of the sc
The practice of separating ownership and management of a piece of farmland was first adopted secretly in 1979 in Xiaogang Village.
And the specific location of the tomb site and the identity of its owner were not revealed for security reasons.
than 300 soldiers have been deployed to help the residents.The quake struck a remote highland area with a sparse population, causing landslides and rockfalls, but low casualty numbers.Relief supplies have arrived, including tents, food, coal, and pow
a Boeing 767, blowing down some 350 thousand trees and causing damage to all kinds of structures.Xiamen University, regarded as the most beautiful university by many, turned into a world of water with no power.Relief equipments are draining water aw
Lancaster, CEO of Cape Town Fringe Festival.Edgy, unique and raucous are just some of the desCRIptions of the 80 productions that are running throughout the city.It comes as little surprise then that Ballet Must Fall — a cheeky take on the ongoing F
st running out of the hard currency it needs to pay for it.As the battle in Mosul rages on, defense heads of the coalition against ISIL gathered in Paris on Tuesday.The meeting was co-chaired by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and his French co
20 stealth fighter made its public debut during the exhibition on Tuesday. ( Gang)China’s Foreign Ministry has expressed strong dissatisfaction with South Korea’s use of force at Chinese fishing boats. On Tuesday, the South Korean Coast
g Uygur Autonomous Region was reported to have lasted nearly 30 hours, with snow packing on the ground as thick as ten centimeters.Many highways have been blocked in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region due to the continuing heavy snow.The
ording to UAE Ministry of Economy and the Dubai Islamic Economy Development , Sharia-compliant assets wide could reach an estimated 3.3 trillion U. S. dollars by 2021. endNum eA english target
The draft provides that all e-commerce vendors should acquire necessary certificates and pay taxes.
People in northern China can breathe easier for the moment, as cold fronts sweep through, clearing the smog.
ng in Russia do not expect this special relationship between Russia and Cuba to change.Russia Ministry of Defence has recently floated the idea of restoring the Soviet naval base in Cuba. Whether that happens or not, Havana is set to remain a ‘
aken and never heard of again.If someone says this person is spying, or they say we have received intelligence that you want to flee… and because it a matter of security – they don’t accept any arguments. You don’t know where
would split the first two sets, and Kerber would be on the defensive in the opening game of the decider — as Kvitova fires home a winner.The Czech would get a break in the frame, and hold serve the rest of the way — the lefty putting a forehand ou
ily everything, but a big part of your strategic thought and consideration.Mike Baird, NSW premier said.Experts say all of this points to the fact that for Australian tech-based companies, now is the time to take a good, hard look at China and the ra
o over 2,000 years of feudal monarchy in China.He was appointed to serve as Provisional President of the Republic of China when it was founded in 1912. But he quickly resigned due to pressure from warlords.He continued his fight to push forward the r
ar maker extraordinary – 12-year-old Australian Campbell Remess – has been making his own cuddly toys, one per day, for the past three years.China has asked for calm in the region, adding that measures should be taken to avoid any further escalations

【河柴】曼恩中国授权工厂主要产品包括:|河柴| MAN|曼恩|16/24|L16/24|21/31|L21/31|5L16/24|6L16/24|7L16/24| 河柴|曼恩| MAN|8L16/24|9L16/24|5L21/31|6L21/31|7L21/31|8L21/31|9L21/31|柴油机、配件产品。中船重工集团成员公司包括:【安庆】【大发】【陕柴】【河柴】【镇柴】【大柴】【沪东】【宜昌柴油机】【新中动力】等柴油机和备件。主要品牌:MTU、曼恩、MAN、瓦锡兰、WARTSILA、MWM、曼海姆、MAK、马克、新泻、NIIGATA、PIELSTICK、皮尔斯蒂克、SKL、苏尔寿、康明斯、CUMMINS、VASA、WARTSILA、洋马、YANMAR、AKASAKA、赤坂、阪神、HANSHIN、卡特、CATERPILLAR、MTU、BERGEN、、MWM、现代、HYUNDAI、HIMSEN、NIIGATA、颜巴赫、JENBACHER、川崎、KAWASAKI、大发、DAIHATSU、道依茨、DEUTZ、【济柴】【潍柴】【玉柴】【上柴】柴油机、气体机、发电机组、备件、备件||【ABB】【三菱】【MITSUBISHI】【IHI】【NAPIER】【纳皮尔】【KBB】【BBC】增压器、配件、备件||【SPERRE】斯皮尔、【TANABE】田边、【YANMAR】洋马、【ATLAS-COPCO】阿特拉斯、【CARRIER】开利、【HATLAPA】哈特拉帕、【HAMWORTHY】、船用、压缩机、空压机、备件、配件||【YORK】约克、【DAIKIN】大金、压缩机、冰机、备件||阿法拉伐、ALFA-LAVAL、三菱、分油机、备件。