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65-year-old man who lives in Zhangjiajie, central China’s Hunan Province, is famous for making copper pots by hand.There are nearly 1 processes involved in making just one copper pot, and it can take
today’s , the US should be stepping up, not stepping back, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein said shortly after the U.S. announcement. Vojislav Suc, president of the UN Human Rights Council, told the ongoing 38th session of
tive measures to tackle the issue.“A child’s socialization should not be limited within the school setting.Negotiating with other people in the real society and finally reaching collaboration is a mor
But it was relatively strong compared to all of the major currencies in the world.
logues serve as a crucial platform for candid communication and building trust between law enforcement officials.US-China cyber relations have been marked more by suspicion than cooperation — a factor that has strained relations in the past two year
he expo has been serving as a bridge to promote ASEAN exports to China, and China investment in ASEAN. This year, it has attracted more than 2,600 companies.Many ASEAN exhibitors bring their local commodities, from farming products, wooden furniture
s the global influence the Chinese government dreams of for the currency. But there are fears that entry into the so-called SDR basket will lead to a swift devaluation of the yuan.On October 1st, the renminbi officially becomes a member of the world’
y past visiting keeper David De Hea on this occasion.Liverpool have the chance to take the lead 30 minutes in but Brazilian midfielder Roberto Firmino can only direct his header straight at the Spanish shot-stopper.Nine minutes after the break United
kong River that forms a triple frontier between Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. The area is notorious for piracy, banditry, and a cutthroat drug trade.In 2011, the Thai government claimed to have seized 900,000 meth pills from a small Chinese fishing bo
fficient plans in place.Africa alone cannot bear the burden of adapting to climate change. There must be global climate justice for Africa. We would like to call on the global finance facilities, the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Faci
erature superconducting magnetic levitation and vacuum tube technology is under construction in southern China.The line has the potential to allow travel at speeds of up to 1,5 kilometers per hour, ac
d counselling they need. The second goal, Abbott said, is to take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again in the history of state of Texas. Santa Fe student Logan Roberds told Xinhua that he was at the back of the sc
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The two have come into conflict with his high-profile call to avoid the lure of the high-calorie doughnut.
.The top team trophy in the men’s game sees Croatia at home to Argentina. The hosts are seeking their second title, as they won in 2005, while the South Americans are trying to win their first title, losing in the final four times.The draw for the be
to contraception. They’re not taking precautions but instead use the morning after pill or surgery, she said.Her observations have been proved in a survey taken from 130 universities in China.It shows that among girls who have fallen pregnant, nearl
slogans, letters of gratitude, and even recipes as well as statues showing the army and the people joining hands.Last month, my colleagues went to Ganzi, in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, where a living Buddha helped the Red Army during the Lon
h a target of a 25 percent increase this year.This year, the central government approved the construction of Guizhou’s first big data center. The center’s work will be focused on sharing big data, the integrated use of big data, and the innovative ap
e system is called Project Alice,and it is giving users a true sense of just how real—and controversial—virtual reality can get.Project Alice takes us down the rabbit hole—and from Qianmen in virtual reality, to Qianmen in real life
as decided slash visa fees over the next few months for tourists from 18 countries, including China, Bulgaria, India and Saudi Arabia.A government official said the 28 US dollar fee for visas applied for at Thai embassies and consulates would be lift
tion to the conference because representatives of civil society were not allowed full access, and blamed the action on nefarious countries with no credibility on countering terrorism – like Russia, Syria, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela. We are not only di
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s for sex workers , some of the statistics indicate that sex workers are 5 to 10 times more at risk compared to the general population. But there are also other key populations at risk of getting HIV infections,Dr. Pride said.The UN Security Council
conclusion of the Rio Paralympics. The PRC’s largest team ever made a number of breakthroughs in the Games with swimming the best event for the country.China claimed 37 gold medals in the pool alone. Huang Wenpan is the most successful Chinese athle
ovated landmarks in the capital, Phnom Penh, in anticipation of President Xi’s visit. Events such as China-themed book fairs and dialogues between Chinese and Cambodian media were also held.Cambodia is one of the countries along the 21st-century Mari
my isn’t ready for.The solution, more babies, may lie with couples like this one in Beijing. Zong Ke and Zhang Xue belong to China rising middle class. They have two apartments, two cars, and two children.After having our second little one we w
ials said at least two children and three women were among the dead. The collision happened early Thursday morning, when a train carrying hundreds of passengers crashed into the back of another. A hospital official said some of the injured were in a
nal tea house doesn’t just sell tea but also helps people achieve their dreams. Fu Lei is the founder of this space which aims to provide better resources for entrepreneurs.He said, We found this space in Wuzhen last year. There are many simila

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