HYUNDAI Spare Parts Supplying

Hyundai Diesel Engine Spare Parts
Hyundai 6H35/40G Hyundai 12H46 / 60V Hyundai 12H25/33V
Hyundai 7H35/40G Hyundai 14H46 / 60V Hyundai 14H25/33V
Hyundai 8H35/40G Hyundai 16H46 / 60V Hyundai 16H25/33V
Hyundai 9H35/40G Hyundai 18H46 / 60V Hyundai 18H25/33V
Hyundai 12H35/40GV Hyundai 20H46 / 60V Hyundai 20H25/33V
Hyundai 14H35/40GV Hyundai 12H46 / 60V Hyundai 6H32/40
Hyundai 16H35/40GV Hyundai 14H46 / 60V Hyundai 7H32/40
Hyundai 18H35/40GV Hyundai 16H46 / 60V Hyundai 8H32/40
Hyundai 20H35/40GV Hyundai 18H46 / 60V Hyundai 9H32/40
Hyundai 6H35/40G Hyundai 20H46 / 60V Hyundai 12H32/40V
Hyundai 7H35/40G Hyundai 12H46 / 60V Hyundai 14H32/40V
Hyundai 8H35/40G Hyundai 14H46 / 60V Hyundai 16H32/40V
Hyundai 9H35/40G Hyundai 16H46 / 60V Hyundai 18H32/40V
Hyundai 12H35/40GV Hyundai 18H46 / 60V Hyundai 20H32/40V
Hyundai 14H35/40GV Hyundai 20H46 / 60V Hyundai 6H35DF
Hyundai 16H35/40GV Hyundai 12H17/21V Hyundai 7H35DF
Hyundai 18H35/40GV Hyundai 16H17/21V Hyundai 8H35DF
Hyundai 20H35/40GV Hyundai 18H17/21V Hyundai 9H35DF
Hyundai 6H35DF Hyundai 20H17/21V Hyundai 12H35DFV
Hyundai 7H35DF Hyundai 12H17/21V Hyundai 14H35DFV
Hyundai 8H35DF Hyundai 16H17/21V Hyundai 16H35DFV
Hyundai 9H35DF Hyundai 18H17/21V Hyundai 18H35DFV
Hyundai 12H35DFV Hyundai 20H17/21V Hyundai 20H35DFV
Hyundai 14H35DFV Hyundai 6H17/28E Hyundai 12H35DFV
Hyundai 16H35DFV Hyundai 6H17/28U Hyundai 14H35DFV
Hyundai 18H35DFV Hyundai 5H21/32 Hyundai 16H35DFV
Hyundai 20H35DFV Hyundai 6H21/32 Hyundai 18H35DFV
Hyundai 6H35DF Hyundai 7H21/32 Hyundai 20H35DFV
Hyundai 7H35DF Hyundai 8H21/32 Hyundai 8H25/33
Hyundai 8H35DF Hyundai 9H21/32 Hyundai 9H25/33
Hyundai 9H35DF Hyundai 6H25/33 Hyundai 7H25/33

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A communique of the economic meeting is yet to be released.
And as for the cooperation idea, we now emphasize more on market, investment and joint development instead of the assistance to African countries in the past.
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While reducing certain industry’s overcapacity, we also needs to work on the industries with insufficient capacity.
Resumption of China-Sao Tome ties to benefit two peoplesJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stopped at several memorials in Hawaii, before he visits the site of the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor.
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He is now displaying thousands of works of art at Beijing’s National Museum of China.
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and the PRC’s chances of qualifying for Russia are remote. Lippi was appointed coach of the national team when Gao Hongbo suddenly announced his resignation after China lost to Uzebekstan 2-0 October 11th.Technology revolution brings lots of challen
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tayed away from the most controversial issues backed by the Five-Star Movement’s Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini from the League, Conte’s two deputy premiers who sat on either side of Conte as he spoke. Di Maio and Salvini campaigned against the Eur
Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made a statement shortly after the attack, he emphasized Turkey would remain determined in its’ fight against terror and would not be intimidated by these attacks.
In 2015 alone, it grew a whopping 48.
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