Spare Parts Supplying

MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd. is located in China, is a specialist company Group offering a cost effective and comprehensive professional service throughout the world. Our team of highly trained staff and engineers are experienced in all types of diesel machinery and marine equipment,power plant equipment and turbochargers.

We can offer the best solutions and prices for almost types of Ships built in Shipyards such as Mathias Thesen Werft, Warnowerft, Stralsund, Krasnoye Sormovo; Nizhniy Novgorod and others built China,France, Russia, Germany & Poland.

We serve and supply the seagoing vessel, river ships, and fishing fleets with diesel engine spare parts and technical marine equipment. Well-Known ship owners, ship management companies and shipyards on all continents have built up their confidence in us and become our regular customers.
The ship builders and dockyards as well as the heavy industry in Europe and overseas enjoy our service as general supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, pipes, fittings, flanges etc.


Our Services Include

Due to the long-standing experience and good co-operation with leading manufacturers worldwide, Part Yard Lda as a qualified supplier range. Consignments are of original spare parts from our highly qualified and certified manufacturers and OEM suppliers what we can prove and guarantee.

Our committed and experienced team guarantees you a thorough handling of each enquiry.

Company’s Marine Activities:

Deliveries of diesel engine spare parts an their components, complete deck and engine equipments, electrical stores, from East and West European manufacturers to ship owners and ship management companies, fishing fleets, shipbuilding yards and ship repair yards as well as trading companies.

Distributor, repair, service & spare parts

Marine & Industrial Steam Boilers / Thermal Oil , Heaters Industrial Oil & Gas burners.

Engineering / Consulting

Gas generator sets, disel engine, CHP and CCHP system ,transformer equipment, monitoring alarm system,gas treatment equipment,cooling system control system, Exhaust gas purification system

Shipchandler Partyard

Our service includes the procurement and supply of a wide variety of products and goods. The range of items can vary from perishables, frozen foodstuffs, canned and tinned products to bonded stores, deck, engine and spares for onboard equipment and machinery.

We are also able to provide combined consignments of frozen, chilled and dry cargo directly to the required destination.

Among our customers are European shipchandler, and worldwide Ship Owners and Ship Managers.

Supplied ports:

From our strategic location, we are able to supply you in Viana do Castelo, Leixões, Aveiro, Figueira da Foz,Peniche, Lisbon, Setúbal, Sines and Portimão

And as well as in the Spanish ports of Vigo, Marín, Vilagarcia de Arousa, A Coruña, O Ferrol, Avilés, Gijón, Santandér, and Bilbao.

Company’s Metal Activities:

Our export department has been set up to serve the worldwide demands from shipbuilding yards, ship repair yards as well as heavy industry such as steel work plants, aluminium and nickel works, industrial cement works, power stations, onshore and offshore plants, railway plants. We deliver high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals, profiles, sheet metals, tubes, fittings, flanges, valves, according to all national quality standards and classification of acceptance.

Company’s Industrial Activities:

Efficient supplier of Industrial equipment

Due to our multiple contacts word-wide, PartYard also offers the supply of all kind of industrial equipment, industrial spare parts, including engineering support. Export of investment goods and industrial spare parts from East and West European manufacturers.

Please fell free to indicate us your future demand. Be sure that your request will be in best hands!

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