CUMMINS Spare Parts Supplying

Cummins Diesel Engine Spare Parts
Cummins 215B, Cummins 6ISL G 320 Cummins 4QSB4.5 173
Cummins 225, Cummins 6ISL G 300 Cummins 4QSB4.5 163
Cummins 235C, Cummins 6ISL G 280 Cummins 4QSB4.5 160
Cummins 245, Cummins 6ISL G 260 Cummins 4QSB4.5 155
Cummins 330, Cummins 6ISL G 250 Cummins 4QSB4.5 140
Cummins 342, Cummins 6ISL G 320 Cummins 4QSB4.5 130
Cummins 343, Cummins 6ISL G 300 Cummins 4QSB4.5 121
Cummins 346, Cummins 6ISL G 280 Cummins 4QSF3.8 130
Cummins 379, Cummins 6ISL G 250 Cummins 4QSF3.8 120
Cummins 398, Cummins 6BG-230 Cummins 4QSF3.8 110
Cummins 399, Cummins 6BG-200 Cummins 4QSF3.8 100
Cummins 518, Cummins 6BG-195 Cummins 4QSF3.8 85
Cummins 528, Cummins 6CG-280 Cummins 4QSF2.8 74
Cummins 550, Cummins 6CG-250 Cummins 4QSF2.8 65
Cummins 613, Cummins 6QSX15 Cummins 4QSF2.8 49
Cummins 615, Cummins 6QSG12 Cummins 6QSX 665*
Cummins 769C, Cummins 6QSL9 Cummins 6QSX 630*
Cummins 773, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 6QSX 600
Cummins 769C, Cummins 4QSB4.5 173 Cummins 6QSX 560
Cummins 777, Cummins 4QSB4.5 163 Cummins 6QSX 560*
Cummins 789, Cummins 4QSB4.5 160 Cummins 6QSX 535
Cummins 825C, Cummins 4QSB4.5 155 Cummins 6QSX 530
Cummins 826C, Cummins 4QSB4.5 140 Cummins 6QSX 520
Cummins 814, Cummins 4QSB4.5 130 Cummins 6QSX 510**
Cummins 824C, Cummins 4QSB4.5 121 Cummins 6QSX 500
Cummins 910, Cummins 4QSF3.8 130 Cummins 6QSX 500**
Cummins 920, Cummins 4QSF3.8 120 Cummins 6QSX 485
Cummins 941, Cummins 4QSF3.8 110 Cummins 6QSX 450
Cummins 943, Cummins 4QSF3.8 100 Cummins 6QSX 450**
Cummins 950, Cummins 4QSF3.8 85 Cummins 6QSX 435
Cummins 951C, Cummins 4QSF2.8 74 Cummins 6QSX 410
Cummins 953, Cummins 4QSF2.8 65 Cummins 6QSX 400
Cummins 955, Cummins 4QSF2.8 49 Cummins 6QSX 390
Cummins 963, Cummins 6QSX15 for Agriculture Cummins 6QSX 375**
Cummins 966, Cummins 6QSX11.9 for Agriculture Cummins 6QSK78-3500
Cummins 977, Cummins 6QSX15 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel for Underground Mining
Cummins 980C, Cummins 6QSG12 Cummins 16QSK95
Cummins 983, Cummins 6QSL9 Cummins 16QSK60
Cummins 988B, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 16QSK60-DR
Cummins 992, Cummins 4QSB4.5 173 Cummins 16QSK50
Cummins 936, Cummins 4QSB4.5 163 Cummins 16QSK50 – DR1480
Cummins 1100, Cummins 4QSB4.5 160 Cummins 16KTA50-DR1470
Cummins 1674, Cummins 4QSB4.5 155 Cummins 16KTA50-DR1750
Cummins 1693, Cummins 4QSB4.5 140 Cummins 12QSK38
Cummins 3208, Cummins 4QSB4.5 130 Cummins 12QSK38
Cummins 3176, Cummins 4QSB4.5 121 Cummins 12QSK38
Cummins 3406, Cummins 4QSF3.8 130 Cummins 12QSK38D
Cummins 3114, Cummins 4QSF3.8 120 Cummins 18QSK78-3500
Cummins 3116, Cummins 4QSF3.8 110 Cummins 16QSK50-2500
Cummins 3126, Cummins 4QSF3.8 100 Cummins 16QSK50-2300
Cummins 3304, Cummins 4QSF3.8 85 Cummins 16QSK50-2250
Cummins 3306, Cummins 4QSF2.8 74 Cummins 16QSK50-2000
Cummins 3204, Cummins 4QSF2.8 65 Cummins 16QSK45-2250
Cummins 3166, Cummins 4QSF2.8 49 Cummins 16QSK45-2000
Cummins 3406, Cummins 6QSX15 for Agriculture Cummins 16QSK45-1600
Cummins 3408, Cummins 6QSX11.9 for Agriculture Cummins 12QSK38-1260
Cummins 3412, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 12QSK38-1200
Cummins 3512, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 12QSK38-1086
Cummins 3516, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 12QSK38-920
Cummins 112F, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 12QST30-1500
Cummins 120G, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 12QST30-1350
Cummins 130G, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 6QSK23-950
Cummins 140G, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 6QSK23-860
Cummins 824C, Cummins 6QSM11 Cummins 6QSK19-800
Cummins D4E, Cummins 6QSL19 Cummins 6QSK19-760
Cummins D5H, Cummins 6QSL19 Cummins 6QSK19-755
Cummins D6C, Cummins 6QSL19 Cummins 6QSK19-700
Cummins D6H, Cummins 6QSC8.3 Cummins 6ISX15
Cummins D6D, Cummins 6QSC8.3 Cummins 6ISX11.9
Cummins D7H, Cummins 6QSC8.3 Cummins 12KTA38GCE
Cummins D7G, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 12KTA38GCE
Cummins D8N, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 12KTA38GCSLB
Cummins D9N, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 12KTA38GCSLB
Cummins D9L, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 12KTA19GCSLB
Cummins D10, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 12KTA19GCSLB
Cummins D11N, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 6KTA19GCE
Cummins D25C, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GCE
Cummins D330, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D333, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D339, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D342, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D343, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D353, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6KTA19GC
Cummins D379B, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6G855E
Cummins D398B, Cummins 6QSB5.9 Cummins 6G855E
Cummins E120, Cummins 6QSX15 Cummins 6G855E
Cummins E240, Cummins 6QSG12 Cummins 6G855E
Cummins E200B, Cummins 6QSL9 Cummins 6GTA855E
Cummins E450, Cummins 6QSB6.7 Cummins 6GTA855E
Cummins 12E, Cummins 6ISX 650 Cummins 6G855
Cummins 12G, Cummins 6ISX 600 Cummins 6G855
Cummins 14G, Cummins 6ISX 525 Cummins 6GTA855
Cummins 16G Cummins 6ISM 500 Cummins 6GTA855
Cummins 6ISX15 600, Cummins 6ISM 450 Cummins 6GTA855
Cummins 6ISX15 550 Cummins 6ISL 425 Cummins 6GTA855
Cummins 6ISX15 525, Cummins 6ISL 400 Cummins 6QSL9G
Cummins 6ISX15 500 Cummins 6ISL 370 Cummins 6QSL9G
Cummins 6ISX15 485, Cummins 6ISL9 350 Cummins 6G8.3E
Cummins 6ISX15 450 Cummins 6ISL9 330 Cummins 6G8.3E
Cummins 6ISX15 425, Cummins 6ISL9 300 Cummins 6GTA8.3SLB
Cummins 6ISX15 400 Cummins 6ISL9 270 Cummins 6GTA8.3SLB
Cummins 6ISX15 415 ST2, Cummins 6ISL9 260 Cummins 6QSX15
Cummins 6ISX15 450 ST2 Cummins 6ISB6.7 300 Cummins 6QSG12
Cummins 6ISX12 425, Cummins 6ISB6.7 280 Cummins 6QSL9
Cummins 6ISX12 400 Cummins 6ISB6.7 260 Cummins 6QSB6.7
Cummins 6ISX12 370, Cummins 6ISB6.7 250 Cummins 4QSB4.5 173
Cummins 6ISX12 350 Cummins 6ISB6.7 240 Cummins 4QSB4.5 163
Cummins 6ISX12 330, Cummins 6ISB6.7 220 Cummins 4QSB4.5 160
Cummins 6ISX12 310 Cummins 6ISB6.7 200 Cummins 4QSB4.5 155
Cummins 6ISX12 G 400, Cummins 6ISL G 320 Cummins 4QSB4.5 140
Cummins 6ISX12 G 385 Cummins 6ISL G 300 Cummins 4QSB4.5 130
Cummins 6ISX12 G 350, Cummins 6ISL G 280 Cummins 4QSB4.5 121
Cummins 6ISX12 G 330 Cummins 6ISL G 260 Cummins 4QSF3.8 130
Cummins 6ISX12 G 320, Cummins 6ISL G 250 Cummins 4QSF3.8 120
Cummins 6ISX12 G 350R Cummins 6ISC8.3 300 Cummins 4QSF3.8 110
Cummins 6ISX12 G 330R, Cummins 6ISC8.3 270 Cummins 4QSF3.8 100
Cummins 6ISX12 G 320R Cummins 6ISC8.3 260 Cummins 4QSF3.8 85
Cummins 6ISX 600, Cummins 6ISB6.7 300 Cummins 4QSF2.8 74
Cummins 6ISX 550 Cummins 6ISB6.7 280 Cummins 4QSF2.8 65
Cummins 6ISX 525, Cummins 6ISB6.7 260 Cummins 4QSF2.8 49
Cummins 6ISX 500 Cummins 6ISB6.7 250* Cummins 16QSK60 MCRS
Cummins 6ISX 485, Cummins 6ISB6.7 240 Cummins 16QSK60 HPI
Cummins 6ISX 450 Cummins 6ISB6.7 220* Cummins 16QSK956
Cummins 6ISX 425, Cummins 6ISB6.7 200 Cummins 6ISL 365
Cummins 6ISX 400 Cummins 6ISL9 330 Cummins 6ISL 345
Cummins 6ISX 500 ST, Cummins 6ISL9 280 Cummins 6ISC 330
Cummins 6ISX 485 ST Cummins 6ISL9 330 H Cummins 6ISC 315
Cummins 6ISX 450 ST, Cummins 6ISL G 320 Cummins 6ISC 300
Cummins 6ISX 425 ST Cummins 6ISL G 300 Cummins 6ISC 285
Cummins 6ISX 400 ST, Cummins 6ISL G 280 Cummins 6ISC 260
Cummins 6ISX 385 ST* Cummins 6ISL G 250 Cummins 6ISC 240
Cummins 6ISX 500V, Cummins 6ISB6.7 Hybrid Cummins 6ISB 325
Cummins 6ISX 435V Cummins 6ISM 330 Cummins 6ISB 300
Cummins 6ISM 410, Cummins 6ISM 280 Cummins 6ISB 280
Cummins 6ISM 370 Cummins 6ISL 330 Cummins 6ISB 260
Cummins 6ISM 350, Cummins 6ISL 330* Cummins 6ISB 240
Cummins 6ISM 330 Cummins 6ISL 280 Cummins 6ISB 220
Cummins 6ISM 310 Cummins 6ISL 280* Cummins 6ISB 200
Cummins 6ISM 280 Cummins 6ISL 250 Cummins 8ISV5.0 275
Cummins 6ISM 350 ST Cummins 6ISC 330 Cummins 8ISV5.0 250
Cummins 6ISM 330 ST Cummins 6ISC 315 Cummins 8ISV5.0 220
Cummins 6ISM 425V Cummins 6ISC 300 Cummins 8ISV5.0 200
Cummins 6ISM 385V Cummins 6ISC 285 Cummins 6ISX15 600
Cummins 6ISM 350V Cummins 6ISC 260 Cummins 6ISX15 550
Cummins 6ISM 320V Cummins 6ISC 260 Cummins 6ISX12
Cummins 6ISMe Cummins 6ISC 240 Cummins 6ISX12
Cummins 6ISLe Cummins 4ISX12 G 400 Cummins 6ISL9 450
Cummins 6ISB6.7 Cummins 4ISX12 G 385 Cummins 6ISL9 400
Cummins 4ISB4.5 Cummins 4ISX12 G 350 Cummins 6ISC8.3 380
Cummins 6ISL G Cummins 4ISX12 G 330 Cummins 6ISC8.3 350
Cummins 6BG-230 Cummins 4ISX12 G 320 Cummins 6ISB6.7 XT
Cummins 6BG-200 Cummins 4ISX12 G 350R Cummins 6ISB6.7 340
Cummins 6BG-195 Cummins 4ISX12 G 330R Cummins 6ISB6.7 340 AD
Cummins 6CG-280 Cummins 4ISX12 G 320R Cummins 6ISB6.7 325
Cummins 6CG-250 Cummins 6ISB6.7 360 Cummins 6ISB6.7 300
Cummins 6ISB5.9 G 230 Cummins 6ISB6.7 340 Cummins 6ISB6.7 300 AD
Cummins 6ISB5.9 G 200 Cummins 6ISB6.7 325 Cummins 6ISB6.7 325
Cummins 6ISB5.9 G 195 Cummins 6ISB6.7 300 Cummins 6ISB6.7 300
Cummins 6ISB5.9 G 150 Cummins 6ISB6.7 280 Cummins 6ISB6.7 280
Cummins 6ISX15 600 Cummins 6ISB6.7 260 Cummins 6ISB6.7 260
Cummins 6ISX15 550 Cummins 6ISC8.3 270 Cummins 6ISB6.7 250
Cummins 6ISX15 500 Cummins 6ISC8.3 300 Cummins 6ISB6.7 240
Cummins 6ISX15 455 Cummins 6ISC8.3 330 Cummins 6ISB6.7 220
Cummins 6ISX12 370 Cummins 6ISC8.3 350 Cummins 6ISB6.7 200
Cummins 6ISX12 400 Cummins 6ISC8.3 380* Cummins 8ISV5.0 275
Cummins 6ISX12 425 Cummins 4ISF3.8 Cummins 8ISV5.0 250
Cummins 6ISX12 450* Cummins 4ISF2.8 Cummins 8ISV5.0 220
Cummins 6ISX12 500* Cummins 6ISL9 380 Cummins 8ISV5.0 200
Cummins 6ISL9 270 Cummins 6ISL9 370 Cummins 6ISC8.3 350
Cummins 6ISL9 300 Cummins 6ISL9 350 Cummins 6ISC8.3 330
Cummins 6ISL9 330 Cummins 6ISL9 345 Cummins 6ISC8.3 300
Cummins 6ISL9 350 Cummins 6ISL9 330 Cummins 6ISC8.3 270
Cummins 6ISL9 370 Cummins 6ISL9 300 Cummins 6ISC8.3 260
Cummins 6ISL9 380 Cummins 6ISL9 270 Cummins 6ISL9 450
Cummins 6ISL9 400 Cummins 6ISL9 260

ARBIN – Archaeologists have confirmed that a rock painting discovered in the Lesser Khingan Mountains in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province dates back 12, years.Zhao Pingchun, researcher with the
receivable. Moreover, the order prohibits the purchase of any debt owed to Venezuela that is pledged as collateral after the effective date of the order; the sale, transfer, assignment, or pledging as collateral by Venezuela of any equity interest i
The former major winner, is a shot off the pace heading into the final round, and has won three of her last four events, and is seeking to become the first Chinese golfer to win this tournament.
James Harden, named Western Conference player of the week on Monday, leads Houston to roll early on as the hosts go up 11-9.
. He also said the country plans to link its own development strategy with the Belt and Road initiative and expand cooperation with China in trade, investment and agriculture. Hungary is also set to introduce a new visa policy, making it easier for C
iments in space, the plants flowered later than on earth. In the space experiment this time, we will observe and research the relations between flowering and gravity, said Zheng.Expectations are high. Scientists hope the experiments on board Tiangong
m grows, the grazing environment is getting worse. The grazing areas have been further reduced. These changes have made the traditional lifestyle difficult, said Aby Johmubay.Aby says modern conveniences are not the measure of his happiness. He feels
of around 50,000 Red Army soldiers.I watched the petal float away and wished it could travel through time and carry our respect to the soldiers who saCRIficed their lives.Related reading:LAS VEGAS – Republican candidate Donald Trump refused to say o
y.Climate change will once again be the focus of global diplomacy as a major conference begins in Marrakech, Morroco. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change follows the breakthrough agreement in Paris last year that put in place an ambitious f
t the powerhouse economy of the world. It the one place where significant economic growth is still possible and value creation can happen quite quickly,said Darren Sinden, independent market analyst.Chilean government officials and business leaders o
today’s , the US should be stepping up, not stepping back, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein said shortly after the U.S. announcement. Vojislav Suc, president of the UN Human Rights Council, told the ongoing 38th session of
Lawmakers are seeking to hold a hearing with Choi and two former presidential aids, after the three refused to attend a hearing at the National Assembly.
cy, shutting down polluting factories and using clean energy were among the measures taken. But from 2011 to 2015, policymakers have shifted their focus to big cities. More and more citizens are awared of the importance of low carbon.For more on the
so asked to step up cooperation.The Zika virus is acquired through bites from infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos. Singapore confirmed 17 new local cases of the Zika virus as of Tuesday, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 275.Othe
quo; surging demand for foreign currencies during the National Day holiday, also contributed to the shrinking pool of forex reserves. As for the offshore yuan, it fell to a nine-month low against the dollar early on Friday. The yuan was included in t
any which provides total solutions. He said financial leasing might be a way to help these smaller enterprises.Through financial leasing, a factory can rent robots from us and pay their bill monthly instead of paying up front. In this way, the fixed
uth China’s Guangdong Province,on Nov. 2, 2016. Kvitova won 2-0. ( Hanxin)Here’s a look at today’s matches that sees Timea Babos taking on China’s Zhang Shuai while Zhang’s doubles partner, Australian Samantha Stosur will face Caroline
luded World Travel Market 2016 in London. A survey released at the expo shows that most Britons think it’ll be more expensive to travel outside the UK due to the weaker pound.One-third of the travel agencies think the prices of travel products will r
hat archaeologists confirmed the images of three mammoths, which means the rock paintings were made before the extinction of the mammoth, or at least 12, years ago.Meanwhile, archaeologists believe th
illegitimate and they should withdraw from al-Tanf and any other area in Syria, he noted. The remarks by al-Moallem came in response to the recent reports of a Russian-backed deal in southern Syria about the withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces from a
How do you interpret the newest housing data?Q2.
That was a drop of over 45 percent from the previous week.
for 76 years. It a favorite among people wanting traditional Mexican cuisines that are now becoming harder to get in this metropolis.In the southern suburbs of Mexico City, the world largest Mexican restaurant has been serving meals for 76 years. It
e more convenient. Zhu Congpeng, chief designer of Tiangong 2 space lab, said.By this he means a set of multi-functional tray tables on which astronauts can eat, write and even do some scientific experiments.The Tiangong 2 is also equipped with a por
vincial Museum in Nanchang, capital of east China’s Jiangxi Province, Oct. 11, 2016. The exhibition displayed 922 cultural relics unearthed from the 2,000-year-old tomb of Marquis of Haihun, who had a short-lived reign of 27 days as an emperor of Wes
the 21st typhoon of the year, will enter southeast Hainan early Tuesday before landing between the cities of Qionghai and Sanya. The storm is expected to intensify into a super-typhoon upon landing.Classes in Sanya’s kindergartens, middle and primar
I think the reason for the interpretation of this law is because, recently in Hong Kong, some of the candidates have done something against the national interest and national security of China. And also it is against the completeness of the country’s
this area.We hop in the pool for the final day of action from the 2016 Asian Swimming Championships. China, would have a solid outing in Tokyo, led by young stars, like Xu Jiayu, who was looking for his fourth gold medal at the event as he took to th
or” has become the new Zhejiang spirit.Nurtured by our developing local culture, generations of Zhejiang residents have become magnificent legends.As a Zhejiang student who is now at the starting poin
Abu Dhabi to support the RMB internationalization strategy and build up an offshore RMB serving the Middle East and North Africa region via ADGM, ADGM chairperson Ahmed Al Sayegh said. The public will hear more from the ADGM in relation to Chinese b
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We are organizing people to check door by door to count the number of people and check the damage of houses, said Ren Yihe, Deputy Party Secretary of Bai Guantun Town, Fenrun District, Tangshan City.
dash;have been shown at the Ming Tombs, in suburban Beijing Changping District. The elaborately-made replicas present a clear image of what emperors were given to wear during the afterlife.Craftsmen from the Nanjing Brocade Institute made the replica
covered over 30-thousand kilometers, starting from the south of China to the north and west. The route took the Red Army through remote regions, and extreme conditions. 80 years later, those areas have seen dramatic changes, and some still face chall
ajara, for the 67th edition of the International Astronautical Congress. Here policy makers and industry giants will discuss the latest technological breakthroughs and developments in space exploration.This is a historic moment for Mexico’s emerging
continue the anti-corruption campaign, and set dates for next year 19th CPC National Congress.Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, speaks at the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18
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s been anointed — to much surprise — as the new champion of the French right.Against all expectations, Fillon seems well on the point of being nominated by his political family to lead the combat for the leadership of the French republic next May.C

【河柴】曼恩中国授权工厂主要产品包括:|河柴| MAN|曼恩|16/24|L16/24|21/31|L21/31|5L16/24|6L16/24|7L16/24| 河柴|曼恩| MAN|8L16/24|9L16/24|5L21/31|6L21/31|7L21/31|8L21/31|9L21/31|柴油机、配件产品。中船重工集团成员公司包括:【安庆】【大发】【陕柴】【河柴】【镇柴】【大柴】【沪东】【宜昌柴油机】【新中动力】等柴油机和备件。主要品牌:MTU、曼恩、MAN、瓦锡兰、WARTSILA、MWM、曼海姆、MAK、马克、新泻、NIIGATA、PIELSTICK、皮尔斯蒂克、SKL、苏尔寿、康明斯、CUMMINS、VASA、WARTSILA、洋马、YANMAR、AKASAKA、赤坂、阪神、HANSHIN、卡特、CATERPILLAR、MTU、BERGEN、、MWM、现代、HYUNDAI、HIMSEN、NIIGATA、颜巴赫、JENBACHER、川崎、KAWASAKI、大发、DAIHATSU、道依茨、DEUTZ、【济柴】【潍柴】【玉柴】【上柴】柴油机、气体机、发电机组、备件、备件||【ABB】【三菱】【MITSUBISHI】【IHI】【NAPIER】【纳皮尔】【KBB】【BBC】增压器、配件、备件||【SPERRE】斯皮尔、【TANABE】田边、【YANMAR】洋马、【ATLAS-COPCO】阿特拉斯、【CARRIER】开利、【HATLAPA】哈特拉帕、【HAMWORTHY】、船用、压缩机、空压机、备件、配件||【YORK】约克、【DAIKIN】大金、压缩机、冰机、备件||阿法拉伐、ALFA-LAVAL、三菱、分油机、备件。